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The Lathums – Gig Review – The Fleece 18th May 23

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On my radio journey, I have played many bands that I’ve listened to and thought do you know what? I think they have a chance of making it

Then I discovered The Lathums and knew they were going to, fronted by the soulful sounding singer / songwriter Alex Moore, and backed up by lead guitarist Scott Concepcion, bassist Matty Murphy and drummer Ryan Durrans, they have struck upon a golden process for their music, that we instantly know that we are listening to a Lathums track, and therefore we know it’s also going to be liquid gold.

Last night at The Fleece in Bristol, started off like no other gig I have ever been to, the boys came out, sat at the front and proceeded to have a quick Q&A session, Alex even brought what looked like a cup of tea with him, as they answered questions ranging from “What is the process for writing your music” to a couple of “Will you play at my wedding” and my favorite which was more of a statement than a question “You were f*****g mint at Boardmasters”, although not necessarily a standard start to a gig, it was interesting and you learned some new stuff about the lads, and things that make them tick.

As soon as the gig started. they hit their boot straps early with the incredible “How Beautiful Life Can Be”, and followed that up by going through the gears, with songs like “Turmoil” and the spine tingling 2023 single “Struggle”, before stepping up the rock with “Say My Name” “Sad Face Baby” and encoring and finishing with the wonderful “Artificial Screens”.

The gig itself, was sublime and left you in no doubt whatsoever that this is probably the last time Bristol will see them in such a venue, as bigger things are surely waiting for these 4 hard working lads from the North West.

The only question that remains, is how did Alex make that cup of tea last all night! 

Excellent Stuff.

Written by: brimmo

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