Single Review: Dormant by Exit Child

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Single Review: Dormant by Exit Child


Dormant is the debut single from grunge tinged newcomers Exit Child. They claim on their website that there is nothing to set them apart from other bands, yet this single is an emotional stomper about mental health that is definitely worthy of your time. The song fits somewhere between grunge, rock and pop. The song is catchy with a riff that will likely stick in your mind.

Interestingly, vocalist and guitarist Anya Pulver, said this of the track: 

“The song journeys through the torment of being trapped within the confines of your mind, the pain of powerlessness and the agony of the absence of autonomy; the state of feeling stuck, suspended, slowed down – dormant. It was a deep reflection on myself and my mental health, of how I’d spent so many years focusing on trying to fix all the parts of me that were ‘broken’ and in doing so losing touch with all of the characteristics that truly define who I am.”

Mental health is such a relatable subject for many, especially in the past few years. I know for me the lyrics of this song resonate a lot with my own mental health struggles I experienced recently- “I don’t know if I’m right or wrong, I don’t know if I’ll ever be strong, don’t if I’ll make it our of my head, all I know is I’m here.” I am sure many more will relate. The song is already popular, being played over 4k times on Spotify and the music video over 3k times on Youtube.

The band consists of vocalist/guitarist Anya Pulver, Joanna Bacon- guitarist, Aron Newell on the drums and Max Killing on bass.

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Review written by Hayley Foster da Silva 16/4/23


Written by: Hayley Foster da Silva

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