Miguel Da Silva


Miguel Da Silva

Miguel was inspired to get involved with radio by listening to offshore pirate stations such as Radio Caroline, Mi Amigo, Radio Veronica and Laser.
He’s worked at countless radio stations from pirate radio to local radio, internet radio and hospital radio in the Netherlands and the UK.

He did his first radio show at the age of 14 on a tiny Dutch pirate station. “I was hooked after that first show and have been doing radio for the best part of 40 years since.”

He also fulfilled his dream of broadcasting his show from a pirate radio ship

Rock music is Miguel’s passion and he’s been listening to it for as long as he can remember. “Rock music has feeling, soul, and passion in it and I like to share that with others through my radio show.”

You can catch The Rock Experience every Sunday 5 – 7pm right here on Jaxx Radio.


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