Book Review: Dave Grohl- Storyteller

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Book Review: Dave Grohl – Storyteller

Posted: 09/08/22 by Hayley Foster da Silva

What happened in 2020 when the ‘nicest man in rock’ Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters (and numerous other amazing bands) couldn’t play gigs? Dave is also probably one of the most hardworking men in rock, so having the very real prospect of having nothing to do meant he was also being confronted with one of his biggest fears. The outcome? He decided to write this book, an autobiographical account of his musical career.

‘The Storyteller’ is not your typical autobiography, as it’s not a straightfoward tale of Mr. Grohl’s life, but is told in the form of stories. Stories range from his teenage years, to his Nirvana days, Foo Fighters highlights and the heart of it all, his family. What made the book special was there was a true humbleness despite all the amazing things that has happened to him. You geniunelly believe he is still in awe everytime something big happens to him. 

A spectrum of emotions are conveyed, I found myself almost crying as Dave recounts how it felt when Kurt Cobain, his former bandmate in Nirvana died. The excitement as he ended up in circumstances leading him to meeting legends like Paul McCartney, Joan Jett and Elton John. Mostly there is the overiding feeling of love. The love and passion for his music career but also his daughters. He writes about how he rearranged his hectic touring schedule just so he could attend a ‘Daddy and Daughter’ dance, despite having to endure a ridcliously long flight with no time to recover at the other end, before being thrown into a soundtrack at the other end (and ironically getting food poisoning).

The chapters are broken up with photos of the past and specific memorable moments, including postcards and old report cards. Hints of inspiration behind certain lyrics pop up every now and again, the highlighted words ‘ I had to learn to live again’ (‘Times like These’ – Foo Fighters) during the chapter about Kurt Cobain’s sad passing.

By the time I had finished reading, I had only grown to like Dave Grohl even more, as after reading, I was even more convinced of his title of ‘the nicest man in rock’.

‘The Storyteller’ is out to buy now at all your usual online book stores. If you want to read about a rock star who comes across as more down to earth and ‘human’ than some others, I highly recommend this book. 

Dave Grohl

Written by: Hayley Foster da Silva

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